Franglish, the language exchange event. Improve your Italian while connecting with foreigners in the best venues across Rome.


Conversation exchange in a pub, French and English speaking people


Franglish participation fees for events in Rome.

. FREE EVENT (Tip Supported Service, you give what you want)
Please note that you have to buy one drink at the beginning of the event.
Do not hesitate to come and present your school or organization to us in order to eventually establish a partnership.
Please bear in mind that any cancellation must be done at least one day in advance. Organizing 1-to-1 conversations requires having the same number of French and English speakers and cancellations make it hard for us to achieve that goal. Thus please wait to sign up when you are sure of your availability. It is very often possible to register at the last minute.
If you repeatedly miss events or cancel at the last minute you will be unable to register for future events, in order not to cause inconvenience to other participants.